Confident COVID Bubbles

Set Boundaries + Stay Connected with the People You Love

As we head into winter, social distancing continues to be necessary in many parts of the world, yet finding ways to maintain human connection is also crucial. To cope, many people are creating limited social groupings to provide care, relieve mental stress or to just feel human again.

At the same time, we are having to set boundaries with our families, co-parents, partners, housemates, friends and strangers in ways that can be even more awkward or stressful than ever. Fear of talking about boundaries can keep us separated from the people we most want to spend time with, and mis-matched boundaries with the people we love or live with can be particularly challenging. And with the holidays coming up, it is even more complicated for many people to know what their boundaries are and how to communicate them.

Whether you call it a “bubble,” a “quaranteam” or a “pod,” it's critical you know exactly what your social boundaries and agreements are, how to speak up for them and how to negotiate with the people you love and live with, so you can all get more of the kinds of connection that you want.

In this workshop, we'll explore your relationship with boundaries and how to negotiate them in the time of COVID.

We’ll talk about:

  • Why starting with excellent boundaries sets you up for success (and how to do it)
  • Understanding risk tolerance - your own and others
  • Easy templates to help you create your bubbles/pods
  • Checklists to make sure you're covering all your bases
  • Creative ways to stay connected when COVID boundaries are mis-matched
  • How to smoothly manage expectations and handle friction within the pod
  • Simple tips for adjusting, checking-in and re-grouping to account for shifting circumstances

You’ll also get literal scripts for setting boundaries with family and friends and in the wild, so you can know exactly what to say and how to say it. With resources, scripts and checklists in hand, you'll be able to navigate your own boundaries and bubbles with more clarity and ease.

This workshop will be 90 minutes, with a 30-minute Q&A at the end, and it will be recorded. A recording, slide deck, worksheets and chat transcript will be made available after the live class ends.

Many people have been economically impacted recently by COVID-19. If you need financial support to make access possible, use the the code SAFETY for $10 off or COMMUNICATE for $20 off. Use whichever one is appropriate for your needs. If you are able to pay the full amount, please do so, so I can continue to offer discounts to those in need.

Your Instructor

Marcia Baczynski
Marcia Baczynski

Marcia is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, coach and expert on sexual communication, relationships and women’s empowerment. Her primary mission is to help women and the people who love them to overcome shame and get in touch with what they truly want – romantically, sexually and relationally – even if it’s off the beaten path.

Marcia brings wisdom, humor, and creativity to all aspects of her work, and offers a fresh perspective on love, sex and relationships. With expertise in boundaries, consent, open relationships, LGBTQ+ experiences and sex positivity, she helps her clients chart an authentic path for themselves. Each year, she works with a select group of private clients. Since 2003, she has helped tens of thousands of people through her private coaching, workshops and group programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
We will meet on Zoom for a live workshop on Thursday, November 12th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. The call will be recorded and available within 24 hours afterward. The workshop is 90 minutes, with a 30-minute Q&A session at the end.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Due to the digital nature of this workshop, no refunds are available, but your feedback is always appreciated!

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